Trees. Can’t live with them; can’t live without them. They provide oxygen to the environment, give our neighborhoods beauty and also have a historical presence in nearly every area of our country. Unfortunately, trees can also negatively impact the reliability of electricity to our homes and businesses and cost an arm and a leg to maintain.


Every year costly power outages are caused by trees growing or falling into power lines. While most of these outages are avoidable, prevention methods such as tree trimming and removal can be very costly – but what if there was another option? Right now you’re probably a year or two behind your ideal trimming cycle, with cycle busters creating additional problems. Getting ahead of your tree cycle seems next to impossible. You can either try to keep up with these growing problems, that are truly growing, or you can get ahead. Utilizing Tree Growth Regulators (TGR’s) in your line clearance program helps spread those expenses out over a longer time period, giving you the opportunity to convert your program from being reactive to preventative.
The use of TGR’s will not only aid in preventing power outages, but will also improve service reliability overall. Extend the investment of your trimming dollars, enjoy the benefit of trimming cycle buster trees less often and take comfort in an overall decrease of activity on your circuits.
Whether you trim and then treat or you simply treat trees that are currently clear of lines, you’ll see savings in not only the lack of trees that need to be trimmed, but also the amount of regrowth that requires trimming in the future.
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Tree Growth Regulator.


Tree growth regulator (TGR) technology has been around for more than half a century. Reminiscent of many herbicide applications, TGR started out rocky and inconsistent

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At least in the South, an oak is more than a tree; it’s more like a statue of a founding father. Trimming one is often an issue and removing one can be unthinkable. For some establishments and even whole cities, oak trees are an identity.

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