Tackling aquatic vegetation is like swimming upstream. Since aquatic plant species are literally floating in an abundance of resources, they tend to reproduce rapidly and are very difficult to control. You could introduce other species to devour or compete with the unwanted vegetation, but you’ll probably just end up with a different problem than you had before.


Edko got it’s feet wet in the aquatic herbicide business back in 1980. We were operating out of a single boat to manage vegetation problems in private ponds around North Louisiana. The industry wasn’t huge, but our customers had a problem and we set out to fix it. Since then, with the continued introduction of invasive species into our country’s lakes and rivers, we’ve had to grow our fleet.
Our success in the aquatic control industry has been due to our expertise in species identification. The key to attacking any unwanted vegetation is knowing what you’re targeting and selecting the right product to do the job. Our customers have also taken comfort in the fact that Edko strictly adheres to all state regulations and the NPDES as it relates to the Clean Water Act.
Over the past 10 years, Edko has been a key figure in tackling invasive species in most of the southern U.S. in bodies of water ranging from hobby ponds, to lakes and rivers and controlled everything from duck weed, to water hyacinth to giant salvinia. No matter the size, we’ve got the solution.