Uncontrolled vegetation can bite you in the rear, but not as hard as these little 6-legged pests. Don’t let ants ruin your picnic in the park, or your park.


When it comes to parks, utility structures, tower sites and other commercial and municipal properties, ants can cause as much as or more damage than any weed. In addition to the health risks ants cause humans and pets, ant mounds near slabs and buildings can create costly structural problems. Ants can also build their way into power sources and equipment, creating the potential for outages and the need for costly repairs.
Treating ant mounds can be a monotonous and hopeless endeavor, but it shouldn’t be. We utilize an effective ant bait that targets the colony instead of just individual ants, creating a long lasting solution for your industry, utility or municipality. The only thing ants will be biting is the dust.