Many people ask us “what does Edko do?” Our PC answer to this question is usually, “we provide vegetation management services.” This response usually prompts a confused look, which we respond to with “we kill stuff.” To put it simply, here at Edko, we are masters of destroying unwanted plants.
Back in 1961 a man named Max Edwards saw a problem and he set out to fix it. That problem was unwanted vegetation, and people were going broke trying to keep up with the maintenance and removal of those plants. At the time, mechanical removal was really the only option with farmers being the only practitioners of herbicide, which at the time was 2, 4-D. Over the next 20 years, Max would become the godfather of herbicide application as we know it today. For every new problem that a customer presented, Max found a solution. If there wasn’t a solution to be found, Max invented it, creating many of the patents on herbicide application tools that are still in use today.
His philosophy was to allow the customer to shape his business by their needs and to accommodate them in the most efficient and cost effective way. This is the definition of service. It’s this dedication to service that has helped us to maintain contracts for as long as 40 years.
Today, under the leadership of Mike Vasko, Edko has continued that same simple philosophy of being presented with a problem and providing a solution. Our customers still continue to shape our business as it pertains to the types of services we provide, how we execute those services, down to how we bill them for those services. That’s just what we do.
Alex Smalling CEO
Jason Sellers COO
Joe Crews CFO