Last year, much of our territories were looking at flooding immediately followed by widespread drought. This year is a completely different story. With intermittent showers spread throughout the summer, flowers are still flowering, grass is growing rapidly and trees/brush are a long way from dormancy. So, what does this mean for you?

With the current growing conditions, everything we thought about the calendar or predictable phases of our VM programs should be dismissed. Instead of looking at browned out grass and weeds, we’re looking at more mowing cycles. Instead of looking at trees and brush that are hardening off, we’re looking at healthy foliage. For some of us, this situation may mean that our budgets won’t be able to cover our growing problems because we were banking on vegetation not growing. Others were planning on switching over to to dormant season applications by October, but at this rate why would you? You could keep rolling foliar into November.
Regardless of your thoughts on this year’s weather patterns, we all need to have a plan. The minute we begin to become complacent and expectant of the seasons, the less effective and more disappointed we become. Regardless of the weather patterns or budgetary situation of your organization, Edko can flex to accommodate your needs.