It’s that time of the year when things can get pretty frightening. There’s a faint smell of smoke and decaying leaves paired with a distinct chill in the air. Right now you’ve either got a bucket full of “candy” and you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to eat it all or you’re all dressed up and the doors of opportunity and porch lights are all closed and turned off. It’s year-end budget time.
Use year end budget to trim or treat your vegetation problems.Year-end budget opportunities can be a blessing and a curse. Spending any quantity of money takes planning and strategy, neither of which you have a lot of time for. You have several options to make the most of this opportunity, but there’s one question you should consider. How far and how long do you want these dollars to go?
Do you:
Trim – Get the immediate clearance and satisfaction. However, be wary that the more you trim, the larger of an off-cycle monster you’ll have visiting you 3 years later.
Treat – Extend a previous investment in mechanical clearance with basal applications or target those fast-growing species on next’s year’s circuits with tree growth regulator to prolong the need for costly trimming.
Trim and treat – Attain that immediate clearance and extend the longevity of the trimming investment with a herbicide application in tandem. Whether it’s this year’s circuits or next year’s, it will be funds well spent.
Whichever route you choose, don’t let good candy go to waste. Edko’s assets and manpower are able and ready to help tackle whatever size bucket of “candy” you may be toting around. Contact us or knock on any of our doors at these Locations. We’ll leave the porch light on for you.