Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled because it’s difficult. However, in some instances the benefit provided by choosing that difficult path can far outweigh the alternative route. Back in the early 1960s, Edko set out to grow a local work force composed of the people of the community and surrounding area. The goal was never just to create jobs; work that employees dreaded, but instead to create real, tangible career opportunities. Opportunities that offer benefits, that entice employees to feel cared for and valued. None of this is easy, and it still presents many challenges, but has it been worth it?
A roadside in need of brush control.Today, Edko’s average tenure is 3.5 years, ranging from brand new to our 15-30 year veterans. This reality has helped our company pass on expertise and achieve a very high standard of work quality. Our locally procured staff has helped us accomplish work efficiently, effectively and consistently for customers across the Eastern half of the US. Can we say we’ve arrived at perfection? By no means, but we are steadily seeking improvement and realizing the benefits as we progress.
In the end, all herbicide companies have access to the same products and equipment, so what’s the difference. With us, the answer is and must always be, “our people.” Without our people, we’d be just another service provider slinging warm bodies at your projects. As we’ve invested in our people, we invite you to reap the benefits of safety, quality and efficiency that have resulted.