Speeding is a year-round, universal issue within our company. Some districts are certainly worse than others, but all incur their fair share of infractions. While speeding is certainly a blanket issue that we need to address, our GPS data says that speeding is especially a prevalent issue during certain days of the week and even times of the day.
rear-lot distribution maintenance
Sederek compiled a study showing that the majority of our company’s speeding violations occur Monday mornings between 7-8am and Thursday afternoons between 4-5pm. Again, this is company-wide, so your district may be slightly different. The point is that there are identifiable times during the week and even during the day that our employees are more prone to speeding. The contributing factors to the time and day that speeding is prevalent could be:
• Crews feel rushed on Monday morning to start work either because the days are longer and hotter.
• Employees are groggy and have poor judgement and lack of focus following the weekend or at the end of a long work week.
• The job site is out of town and there’s pressure to begin working before the end of the day.
• Inversely, crews are coming back into town from being out and are racing to get home.
• Employees are pressured by production goals.
It’s worth taking note of the unique circumstances in your district so that you can identify situations where accidents could be more likely. You can also take cues from how you are feeling throughout the week to help identify these situations. Do you come in groggy and absent-minded on Monday morning. Are you mentally occupied with weekend plans on the preceding Thursday. Use our GPS stats and these cues to identify where you need to place yourself as it relates to audits or to guide conversations with your crews. While neither the GPS nor trends are equal to a crystal ball, we should heed the data they present to us.