Why is a tree growing half as fast a big deal? Obviously, you wouldn’t have to trim the tree as often, which saves on future spending. So, what would it mean for your organization; your clearance; your reliability; your worker safety; your work plan, if trees grew half as fast? You could say it’s like getting 50% off of everything.
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• Decrease limb size
• Maintain a safe working distance from the primary
• Reduce the overall amount of trimming per tree
• Reduce exposure to traffic hazards

• Maintain achieved clearance, longer
• You decide the time between your trimming cycles
• Address hazardous and sensitive areas less often
• Eliminate hot-spot trimming on cycle-busting trees and areas

• Secure your investment in trimmed trees
• Significantly reduce your cost of maintenance or make your dollars go further
• Replace trimming with TGR at a fraction of the cost