The railroad industry has enough moving pieces as it is. You’ve got the trains themselves, other motorists, the mechanics of the tracks, signals and those pesky kids stretching anything metallic on the rails. The least of your concerns should be vegetation creeping up around your areas of operation. Unfortunately plants can hinder visibility, deteriorate equipment, create a fire hazard, and even worse, derail your equipment.
A railroad track clear of weeds.This time of year, weeds are already starting to spring up. You’ll not only find them encroaching on your track clearance and yards, but also in the turf surrounding your facilities. They seem innocent enough now, but unwanted vegetation has a way of becoming an issue overnight. Mechanical removal can be effective, but it only puts a bandaid on the situation. You need something with a little more staying power.
Just like some vegetation management providers use mowing equipment and cuttings tools, we have a toolbox of our own that includes products like Bayer Perspective® and Escort®. These products offer timely and long lasting results, whether the desire is for bare ground where no vegetation is wanted, as well as Bermuda release, where turf if wanted to prevent erosion and crowd out undesirable tall-growing species. With timeliness being a vital part of a successful railroad operation, isn’t it time you got on board?

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