Like clockwork, this time of year sparks an uncommon desire in us to make wrongs right, make the unclean clean, organize the disorganization and make the inefficient efficient. In my house this manifests itself into reevaluating our household budget, assessing our bills and finding opportunities for savings where possible. Oh, and there’s also the revisiting of the same boxes that we’ve drug around from house to house to see if nostalgia has worn off enough to get rid of them.
Edko employeeThe same normally applies to our business practices. This is the time of year where we plan for the year, evaluate and make changes to our current practices and fine tune our operations. If we’re not all asking “how could we do this better?,” we could be missing out on some amazing opportunities. Whether it’s cost effectiveness, efficiency or safer practices, there’s always room for improvement.
So the question is, what areas could you make changes for the better? What boxes have you allowed to stay in the attic for way too long for sake of nostalgia or complacency? Is it in the timing of your maintenance cycles, the unappreciative vendors you work with, the means of mechanical maintenance that are just helping you get by or the unsafe practices that are being allowed to continue because “that’s the way it’s always been done”?
Our CEO always uses the analogy of how his mom always cut the end off of the ham before serving it. He never knew why, and the fact is maybe his mom didn’t either. The question is, how much of our routine falls into the same veil of mystery. With the advancements in herbicide application here at Edko, we have many customers who have been able to drastically alter their maintenance program while producing more effective results without the compromise of safety. Whether it’s reducing your trimming costs with TGR, reducing your mowing frequency or extending your maintenance cycles, we’d love to help make the inefficient efficient and help all of our customers take advantage of opportunities.