Investments are tricky. It’s sometimes difficult to see a future benefit or outcome when all of the cost is upfront. Talking about future “dollars” is a complicated concept when you’re spending today’s “dollars.” This is not a unique dilemma; it’s something we all struggle with.
Pipeline clearance.Building a wooden fence is a similar situation. Once you’ve built the fence, you have the option to seal it, increasing the life and integrity of the investment in the fence. Many of us might opt out of the additional cost of sealing the fence, resulting in building a new fence a few years down the road. It’s only at that point however, when you’re replacing the fence that sealing the fence begins to sound like a better idea.
Right-of-way clearance is much like building a fence. A barrier (clearance) is being created to protect an asset. The initial investment with right-of-way clearance is in the mechanical work in which your barrier is established. So you’ve built your “fence,” now what? Do you invest in the longevity of this expensive barrier or wait until it crumbles and create a new expensive barrier?”
Many of our services here at Edko are created to extend current investments or even prolong the need for another large investment. Whether utilizing our foliar applications or basal applications, these services will either extend your current investment in mechanical clearance or prevent a future, unnecessary investment in mechanical clearance from having to be made.
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