Keeping employees for long periods of time can create stability, knowledge and most important a consistent SQE culture. This does not just happen, think of it like marriage. Many marriages end up in divorce and many employees come and go. But to stay married both sides have to put forth an effort. Your job is to do your part to make sure great employees “feel the love”.
school busMake sure to let employees know we appreciate them. Pat them on the back for a job well done and praise them in front of their peers. Catch them doing things right & recognize them instantly. Encourage them to spread their knowledge to new employees and keep them informed about their job. Send a simple text of praise upon completion of a project. Show them respect and expect respect from them. Ask employees their opinion. Make sure they have all the information to perform their duties well. Make sure they understand the benefits offered by Edko. Host a social event i.e. a Friday cookout. Communicate, communicate, communicate and listen, listen, listen!
Creating long term employees and reducing turnover does not just happen. Attempt to take your time and hire the right people first. Edko culture cannot be maintained without long term employees. Try your best to find the people that “fit” Edko. If they do not, do not wait around to cut the cancer out.
When employees do leave, don’t forget to attempt to do an exit interview. “What is the biggest reason you are leaving Edko?” Then think about it and ask yourself, “Can Edko do better?” We must always be open to doing better if we truly want our relationships to last.
So far this year, we’ve seen a reduction in turnover from 15.7% to 8.23% (nearly 50% overall.) As we look at the status of our company to date, the reduction of accidents and the sustained quality of work, it’s hard to think that all of these positive marks don’t somehow connect to each other. Thanks for your efforts in making this happen and let’s strive to finish this year with this same focus.