ResolveToSprayIt doesn’t matter how many New Years we’ve celebrated, the end of one year and the beginning of another continues to produce the same thoughts and feelings. We are reflective on the previous year with its accomplishments, highlights and joys. We also think of the screw-ups, failures and cringe-worthy moments, like Miley Cyrus for instance. The other thoughts and feelings are of hope for the New Year. How can we do it all better than the previous year? Or, in some cases, how can we repeat the success of last year?
While many resolutions revolve around weight loss, saving money or knocking a bad habit, consider another change in behavior from the previous year. As your organization solidifies this year’s budget, try to look past the simple maintenance investment of your vegetation management program and consider securing or even decreasing that investment. Consider starting a regiment of herbicide.
The use of herbicide in a vegetation management program can do a couple of things. It extends an existing investment in mechanical clearance by postponing the need to make another investment such as mowing or tree trimming. The use of herbicides can also replace current mechanical clearance like small tree and brush removal and even some trimming.
Unlike most resolutions, which involve personal sacrifice, we do it all for you. An increase in herbicide use equals a decrease in this year’s and maybe even future costs. Who knows; with enough planning, you might get a leg up on next year’s resolution.