Have we, as a leaders, exhibited a role that is seen as difficult or cush?
Do our employees see us seeking what’s best or what’s easiest?
Do employees see us as folks who work for them or them working for us?
Do we delight in the growth of others or just ourselves?
Are you interested in helping them, but just as long as they don’t surpass you?
Saul and DavidThe truth is that leadership should look difficult, because effective leadership is just that. The tasks are more diverse, you have to wear more hats and there’s always a sense of urgency. An effective leader seeks what’s best for the group and not just themselves. Leaders shouldn’t rise to the top just to seek ease but to continue to improve the organization they work for as well as themselves. An effective leader considers the needs and success of his employees more than he does his own. If your employee’s needs are cared for (equipment, breaks, vacations, pay rates, accommodations, growth) the less the employee has to fend for himself, the more productive they can be. (Inc magazine wrote an article on the subject can be found here)
In a sermon by Chris Brown (full sermon found here), the story of Saul and David is told. In scripture, after David defeats Goliath, Saul gives David leadership over a multitude of soldiers and he is highly successful in his new role. Soon, David’s military conquests have the people of Israel singing, “Saul has killed his thousands while David his tens of thousands.” This praise for David incites jealousy and anger in Saul’s heart to the point of him wanting to destroy David, and the only thing David did was achieve success.
Today, Edko is growing, and in order to sustain growth we have to tap into our current leadership and be on the lookout for new leaders. For this to happen we have to be leaders who are serving existing staff. We have to identify employees we can pour into and grow into tomorrow’s leaders. We must be genuinely interested in the success of others truly believing that if Edko succeeds as a whole, we all succeed.