There are some key factors that should be considered when making production planning decisions. While these factors are not all inclusive, they are part of the “E” in “SQE”. We use them when planning production, which can get quite involved in the Tyler/Euless Districts. In many instances we are faced with the logistics of doing multiple types of applications, with multiple mixes, in the same day, with the same crew and the same equipment.
Edko employeePlanning productions factors:
THE WEATHER – Really no explanation needed just be ready to work somewhere every day, even if it is just getting ready.
THE CREW – Choose the right crew for the job and match the crew’s ability with the task at hand. Training is key.
THE MIX – This could be an entire novel in itself, but it must match the customer’s expectations in terms of results and surrounding conditions. Know the products, where it can be applied and what it controls.
THE EQUIPMENT – There is no substitute for using the proper equipment that is in good working order for the job. Proper equipment maintenance pays off. Keeping equipment in safe and working condition at all times, even if not in use, will allow you to be efficient when planning for your next job.
THE EXPERIENCE – Knowing how to manage the factors of weather, crews, mixes and equipment that best fits the production requirements and just knowing what it takes to get it done takes time and dirty hands.
It is not rocket science, but there is much more to having an efficient and productive crew than meets the eye, so much it can’t all be covered in a brief article. At our last leadership meeting I realized that having a lot of experience is something not all districts can take advantage of. However, there are several managers and supervisors in the company with many years of experience, some with 20 to 30 years, that can and should be taken advantage of as you Plan for Success.
Louis Newburn, District Manager for Tyler/Euless