During the Fall, no tree puts on a better show than a maple. From fiery yellow to a rich crimson, the colors are unmatched. Another great thing about a maple is the fact that it’s a fast-growing species, naturally growing 3-7 foot of height on every year. This is a huge bonus for a homeowner who wants a mature and beautiful tree in a shorter amount of time. This can also be a huge nightmare for a utility, especially when you put a saw on them.
A roadside in need of brush control.Prolific, fast-growing trees can easily consume a vm budget. In the northeast, maples flourish and line the streets of most neighborhoods. And, with little competition in a utility right-of-way, maples easily find themselves a place to lay roots. Pretty soon, your work plan has a fairly substantial mid-cycle touchup in which you’re trimming the same trees every time you visit the line.
With maples resurgent growth, isn’t it painful to keep beating your head against the same trees on your circuits? Tree growth regulator adds a substantial cushion between your tree crews and your fast-growing species. Our current customers have seen great success when it comes to the use of TGR on their maples, eliminating mid-cycle pruning, and in many instances even extending cycles.
If you’re struggling with maples or any other fast-growing species beating your cycle year after year, maybe it’s time to slow the budgetary bleed with a bandage of TGR. To keep homeowners happy without the headache, utilize Edko’s Tree Growth Regulator service. If you have any questions about using TGR in your service area, contact the nearest location.