For most of us, weeds aren’t really a problem during the colder months. Sure, you’ve got a few winter annuals popping up on your site, but your grass is dormant and the winter weeds will disappear when the heat comes back. Your real problem is what lies beneath the surface.
Lush bermuda grass.You can’t see spring and summer broadleafs, but it’s only a matter of time. By April, weeds will have made a solid foothold into your turf and created a strong competition for your Bermuda. Not only will this affect the aesthetics of your plant site, but over time, can decrease the efficiency of filtering contaminants from your site. Instead of waiting for your weed problem to make an appearance, why not attack it while it’s still in it’s vulnerable dormancy?
Edko’s Preemergent treatment is a selective herbicide application that targets not only your existing winter weeds but attacks the summer annuals and perennials at the root while they’re still hibernating. And, as always, Edko uses brand name products such as Monsanto™ Aquamaster®, which aids in the elimination of woody stems and undesirable grasses.
This treatment combined with selective herbicide treatments mid-year should keep your sites clean and maintenance efficient, making your turf almost as pretty as your budget.