When I was a kid, my aunt had a cat that was mean as all get out. When we visited, the only time it wasn’t hissing or clawing at us was when it was locked outside. Of course my aunt loved us, but not enough to get rid of that cat. With our frequent visits, she knew she had to do something about the situation, so she opted to declaw the cat. While the cat was still a hateful animal, its ability to harm us was removed and peace was made.
CyclesWhen it comes to trees underneath power lines, we run into a similar dilemma. It’s the age-old battle of the homeowner’s emotional connection to the trees in their yard vs. the rational, logistical mind of the utility. They see the aesthetic beauty of the tree or it’s addition to their property value and, while we in the VM world are sensitive to this fact, we’re torn with eliminating any potential threat to service. Both of these agendas are valid, and many times equal in value. Like my aunt with her hateful cat, a compromise must be met.
The beauty of Edko’s Tree Growth Regulator is that it has a unique ability that most vegetation management practices don’t allow for. Many practices either involve trimming or eliminating a plant. TGR takes away the imminent threat that a tree causes without removing or even touching the tree. So you haven’t harmed the tree; you’ve just declawed it. It’s this lack of intrusion on the homeowner that allows us to boast in our lack of refusals we receive for tree growth regulator services.
So maybe you’re asking yourself, “what’s in this for me?” The benefit of using tree growth regulator is that your clearance goals can be maintained for much longer allowing you to focus on other areas of importance on your circuits. You also encounter less pushback from homeowners since you’re on their property for less time and less often. However, these benefits not only add up to ease of maintenance, but also reduced costs in the future. If “easier” and “cheaper” are words that excite you, you’re in the right place. Contact us to discuss all of the ways Edko can help get your job done and keep the peace at the same time.