Weeds are like door-to-door salesmen. They come at inconvenient times, they’re hard to get rid of and you’ve either got to spend money to get them to leave you alone or you have to ignore them. The big difference between the two is that you know when weeds are coming. They’ve been coming in at the same time every year for as far back as anyone can remember.
A compressor station.So if something annoying was headed your way and you knew when it would show up, wouldn’t you take some kind of preventative action? As sure as the sun rises and sets, weeds are going to come back every year. This winter, put this predictive knowledge of the future to use and attack weeds before they have a chance to show up.
Edko’s Preemerge applications attack weeds while they’re still in their dormancy. When Spring arrives, grasses will begin sprouting without the competition of broad-leaf species and will have maintained an established footing in your turf before it’s time for a follow-up application. On top of that, when grasses do return, you’ll see a reduction in mowing cycles that will only add to your maintenance savings.
If bare ground is your desire, especially around compressor stations, pig traps, road crossings, your surrounding gravel can stay clear instead of spraying weeds and grasses as they show up. This way you’re staying on top of the problem instead of spraying and waiting for the dead grasses and weeds to decompose into your pad.
If you’d like to use this foresight to your advantage and get ahead of weeds next year, Contact Us. The only thing better than a dead weed today is a weed that never existed in the first place.

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