If you were to bid out sweeping the floor of your home, it’d be pretty easy to write out the specifications. The bid would specify an able-bodied person, a broom, a dustpan and the time that you’d like the sweeping to be complete. Easy, right?
We write bid specification.Now, imagine writing bid specifications for spraying 50 miles of drainage canals or eliminating invasive species from a 500 acre lake. This is where it get’s complicated. When projects reach this large of a scale, many variables must be considered to not only avoid overspending, but also have your bid completed in a timely and safe manner. How much insurance does the vendor need? What kind of equipment is necessary? How many licensed applicators are needed to complete the project within YOUR time frame. Are there any limitations on herbicide that can be used? Do you know how many acres need to be treated? What are the defined treatment areas on each canal? And that’s just the beginning.
Back in 1964, our founder entered into an industry that most people weren’t familiar with at the time. He helped develop not only bid specs for companies, but also herbicide laws for states, herbicide equipment and even aided companies in the labeling of their herbicides. His knowledge and expertise have been passed down to our current managing staff and we continue to aid customers in the writing of bid specs for 100’s of projects.
If you’ve got a growing to-do list and need assistance in creating the marching orders, give us a call.