It’s most people’s favorite time of the year; deer season. However, with deer season comes a whole new set of hazards that aren’t common during the rest of the year.
Deer in the road.
Deer Movement
Cooler temperatures means that deer will not only be moving in the early and late part of the days, but also during the middle of the day. This needs to be considered as we drive to and from our job sites, especially in rural areas. Always scan the sides of the road, and if you do see deer, slow your vehicle down.
Vest Visibility
The majority of our work takes place on a right-of-way. Coincidentally, many hunters also post themselves up and place food plots on a right-of- way. With this being the case, you want to make certain that a hunter can clearly identify you as a person and not a deer. This means that it’s even imperative that you wear high visibility clothing as well as a hard hat. In addition, the vest and hard hat that you’re wearing need to be clean and in good condition to ensure that you are as visible as you can possibly be.
While you’re walking through the woods, be on the lookout for tree stands, food plots and feeders so you can avoid encounters with hunters. This is not only for your safety, but also to avoid the possibility of hostile hunters who see you as a disturbance to their location.