While Christmas brings good tidings and cheer, it also brings a list of new hazards and obstacles that are unique during the holidays. Here are just a few.
school bus
School’s Out
• With school being out, children will be in the streets and with their parents at every shopping center in America.
• Watch for kids are gas stations and restaurant parking lots.
• Make sure and perform 360s every time you get in and out of the truck to make sure that a kid isn’t under your vehicle, in the back of the truck or in the wheel well.
Increased Traffic
• While morning traffic may be reduced from school being out, many people are off work during the holidays, which means roads will be congested at odd times.
• Traffic will specifically increase near retail and restaurant areas. Either plan for the time sitting in traffic or avoid those areas when possible.
• With the holidays comes out of towners. If you live in a large metropolitan area, chances are the population will significantly increase. Also consider the fact that people from out of town don’t know where they are or where they’re going, so prepare to be patient while driving and not succomb to road rage.
• With high schools being out, there will be a sleuth of inexperienced teenagers on the roads.
Winter Weather
• Road conditions are known to get dangerous during this time of year.
• In most areas of the country, we will experience either rain, snow or other kinds of frozen precipitation.
General Holiday Distraction
• Children have their minds on Christmas presents and not looking both ways before crossing the streets. They won’t be looking for you, so look out for them.
• Adults will be rushing to run errands and shop, completely disregarding traffic laws. Don’t look to start fights on the road. Just try to stay safe.
• Your own mind will be drifting towards the up coming holidays. Try to maintain focus on the task at hand and getting back and forth to work safely.
As we think about safety on a day to day basis, we should analyze all of the different factors related to potential hazards. Like this topic, we should consider how culture, weather, geography and society create hazards. If we can think of safety in this way, we’ll not only increase our safety within our work life, but our personal life as well.