Foliar applications are kinda like shotguns. You’ll certainly wipe your target out, but what about the innocent bystanders? When working in sensitive areas, such as near residences, farmland or bodies of water, foliar applications may not be an option due to the sensitivity of the surrounding area. The last thing you need is herbicide drift floating to a golf course or over a crop of wheat. What you need is something a little more specific.
Tree trunks that are a good size for basal application.Basal bark applications are more the rifle approach. You’re able to target specific trees, brush or vines without harming nearby desired vegetation. This is beneficial in those sensitive areas mentioned before and minimizes the impact on environments where erosion is a concern. This also results in less customer calls, less brownout and the ability to truly target troublesome species.
Basal applications also help with the efficiency of your vegetation management planning. With its year-round availability, you are able to increase your efficiency of crew allocation and supervision. On top of that, since the presence of foliage isn’t necessary for the application of basal, there is no seasonality to this service, helping you spread your vegetation management dollars throughout the year.