A utility right-of-way is no place for a tree, but more times than not, nature tends to disagree. With natural selection and succession being universal factors, we will always be faced with grasses giving way to weeds, weeds giving way to shrubs and shrubs giving way to trees. Simply cutting the vegetation is a good short-term solution, but with miles of line to keep clear, who’s interested in a short-term solution?
Brush foliage.Mechanical clearance trims the problem, but it also perpetuates the problem by spreading seeds and promoting new growth. This simply creates the need for additional trimming in the future and you end up with a larger stem count than if you never trimmed in the first place. We’re not saying you can stop plant succession, but you can hit the pause button.
Foliar applications provide long-term suppression of woody-stemmed species and can be applied at half the cost of mechanical treatments. Additionally, mechanical programs are not only significantly more dangerous, but take 3 times longer to execute than herbicide applications. You’ll also notice that the restoration time for utilities with consistent herbicide programs can be significantly shorter when all other factors are equal. Programmatic herbicide use equates to dollars saved on the front and the back end in utility VM programs.
Because we live in a diverse environment there’s no one-solution-fits-all approach. Circuits can vary from 5% brush to 100%, and everything in between. On top of that, you have to consider different heights of vegetation, proximity to private property or farmland and any other number of factors. This amount of variation calls for a tailored approach, which to be honest, our competitors are not willing to offer. Our Utility Foresters will evaluate your circuit and provide our applicators with a proposed plan of attack to get you clearance in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. We might use a combination of high volume, low volume and basal all within the same circuit. On top of that, Edko uses only branded products to ensure results.
Safer. Faster. Longer-lasting. More economical. What more can we say? Contact Us for more info and pricing.