Got specific problems? We’ve got specific solutions. When it comes to drainage canals, parks, campuses, levees, or highway roadsides, vegetation is desired, but not just any kind of vegetation. In all of these areas, turf grasses are necessary for aesthetics, controlling erosion, ridding unwanted critters or just easy access to somewhere or something. Since your turf grass carries the burden of these tasks, why not give it a fighting chance to perform its duty without unnecessary competition?
A drainage ditch full of weeds.Unfortunately, when it comes to selective weed control, there’s no “one-herbicide-fits-all” solution. Different vegetation responds to different herbicide treatments. In the same way that you can’t hammer a nail into a wall with a screwdriver, you need a complete set of tools and a knowledge of those tools to do the job effectively.
It’s true, you could fill a tank with every herbicide that you might need over a square acre (which is a method used by some applicators) but you’d just be pouring expensive product on the ground where it’s not needed. Here at Edko, we utilize customized, computer-injection equipment that can target specific broadleaf weed problems, leaving desired vegetation to flourish. This approach results in a solution that is not only highly effective, but also easier on the budget.

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