If you ever want to see a grown man get giddy, tell him it’s Fall. Between football season officially kicking off, hunting season fast approaching and the reintroduction of cornbread back into regular consumption, the next 5 months are a swan song. So while we’re all distracted with rotel cheese dip and gun polishing, where does this leave our VM programs? Punt fake to Edko!
dormant season herbicide applicationsSure, you want your program to continue churning along into the winter months, and chances are you’re thinking about running that tree-trimming play that you ran last year, but sometimes you should consider running the Edko option. Herbicide use has historically been just a growing season service with little traction during the dormant months, but the truth is you can gain a lot of yardage with dormant season services.
Chemical Removals – An urban, dormant-season application for distribution lines that targets brush that will quickly turn into tree trimming or manual brush removal if left unchecked. With Edko, no trimming, dragging or chipping is necessary; just killin’. Learn more.
Vine Patrol – A cut/spray approach using dormant stem applications that keeps vine-caused outages at bay and allows you to maintain the length of your cycles on cleared circuits. Learn more.
Tree Growth Regulator – Tree growth regulator reduces tree growth by up to 60% for 2-4 years. There’s not a better investment to reduce resurgent re-growth and maintain clearance and reliability. Learn more.
Rural Dormant Stem Applications – Similar to a foliar application without the need for foliage that will keep your brush program alive through the dormant season.
Danger Tree Patrol – The dormant season allows for clear vision of the tops of trees, creating a perfect opportunity to measure the heights of trees via laser and build a more accurate inventory of potential hazards on your system. Learn more.
Pre-emerge Applications – You know weeds are coming, so why not spray them in their infancy and get a leg up on your bare ground or Bermuda release programs. Learn more.
Not only are these services great values, but they’re also less intrusive than mechanical methods. While you’re sitting in your deer stand or watching the game on Saturdays you can be comfortable knowing your VM program is wide open. Put us in Coach. We are ready to play.