In neighborhoods throughout your circuits, rear lot distribution lines are those areas that you’ve been putting off for some time. Chances are you only touch these areas about every 3 years, if you are lucky, when you can no longer prolong giving them attention. The problem is that after 3 years or more, in some cases, you’re right back where you started. Overgrown, with the only solution being chainsaws, tons of crews, hours of labor and a heap of customer complaints. You’ve accepted this as the reality of your job, but the fact is, it’s a false reality.
backyard basalHerbicide use in residential settings has been a historical no-no due to the unattractive brownout. However, during the Fall and Winter, herbicide use goes relatively unnoticed since everything’s already dormant and brown. That brown window is your golden opportunity to make up for lost miles at a fraction of the cost.
Following your trimming program, basal applications are the perfect tool for handling those smaller trees and brush species that are going to be encroaching on your distribution line clearance. Not only will adding basal applications cut down on trim time and cost, but you’re also reducing the amount of time you’re on someone’s property. Why cut down a 2-4” sapling, drag it around someone’s house and chip it when Edko can simply basal it?
At Edko, we’ve treated miles upon miles of rear lot distribution lines using basal applications targeting brush and small trees. We handle the entire process, from pre-notification, to application, to quality inspection. On top of that, our guys are on and off of customer’s property in 10-20 minutes, resulting in very few customer complaints.
Your veg management program doesn’t have to be an agonizing task, as long as it’s not allowed to become one. Don’t wait until mechanical clearance is the only option and consider using the other tools you have available. If you’re interested in learning more about this and other tools provided by Edko, Contact Us.

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