Of the most wicked species in the plant world, Mesquite takes the cake. It grows fast, spreads rampantly and is covered in thorns the length of roofing nails. The only common use for this species is as a fuel for grilling. Otherwise, throughout the Western and Southern portions of Texas, Mesquite plagues pastures, farmland and the right-of-ways of utility and pipeline companies.
Eliminate Mesquite with Edko foliar herbicide applications.Not only is it growing faster than the rate of Texas cookouts, but it’s also extremely difficult to kill. Mechanical clearance only spreads the seed of this gnarly brush and it comes back thicker and thornier than before it was cut. Controlled burns are attempted, but not only does this create a potentially dangerous situation, but it also spreads the bean-like seed pods, proliferating the problem. One method of elimination that has proven successful is herbicide application.
Edko has been aiding utilities in Texas with the control of this species for years. However, there’s more to eliminating Mesquite than just herbicide. Sometimes the hardest part is getting to the Mesquite to spray it. Edko has made considerable investments in equipment that can traverse the inhospitable terrain that Mesquite often lives in. Paired with our combined years of expertise in the state of Texas, this thorny beast doesn’t stand a chance.
Whether you’re a pipeline company, an electric utility or simply a landowner, Edko has a solution for you. Give us a call at one of our 4 Texas locations and allow us to help you defeat Mesquite.