If absolute bare ground is your desire, we’ve got the ticket. Vegetation can corrode metal, create refuge for pests, become a fire hazard and even inhibit traffic within your plant site or pipe yard. Prevent unnecessary headaches and maintenance by eliminating all that is green.
Tank site with bare ground.During this time of year, vegetation problems aren’t apparent. You probably have a few winter weeds springing up, which will slowly die off with the warmth of Spring and Summer, but will leave traces of their dead for months to come. It’s more so the mid-year vegetation that you have to worry about. Chances are you can’t see those weeds, but they’re there, waiting under the soil for the change in season. You could wait until they’ve sprouted and begun to seed, or you could stamp them out before they have a chance to reach the surface.
Prevention is always the best method. Our first-of-the-year bare ground application is a blanket application that not only rids your substation of existing weeds, but also helps to keep summer annuals from emerging. You’ll also see a decline in encroachment from surrounding vegetation, eliminating the need for weed eating around the perimeter.
Every plant site is different when it comes to vegetation problems, so we’ll never attack your problem with a one-solution-fits-all approach. We will diagnose your site based on the sensitivity of surrounding areas and the type of vegetation that is present. And, as always, Edko utilizes products from the herbicide industry’s leaders with products such as Bayer™ Perspective®, depending on your site and unique vegetation issues.
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