We all want to live in a nice place where the yard is tended, and likewise, the properties adjacent to where we live. When we live in a community where standards are kept, our property values are more likely to hold up, as well as quality of life. However, the reality is that foreclosures and property abandonment result in decreased values of adjacent homes, decreased quality of life, and on a larger scale can have a substantial economic impact on an entire city.
In most cases, the burden of maintaining these properties falls on the local government’s Code Enforcement or Property Standards divisions. Either through the use of in-house crews or contract mowing, these lots are addressed year round and all it takes is an exceptionally rainy season or other maintenance issues to get behind on this maintenance. In larger cities, this task is not only daunting, but many times impossible to manage.
Since Edko’s start, we’ve been providing herbicide application services that target these abandoned properties by managing weed growth and restricting grass height at a fraction of the cost of mowing. In some instances we’ve been able to maintain lots with 2 applications in a year, requiring no mowing whatsoever (sounds crazy, right?). These services can be applied nearly any time of the year, beginning as early as November for the next year, depending on whether you want to spray existing weeds or prevent them from ever emerging.
Managing adjudicated properties can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Lighten this burden without lowering your standards, and put those extra budget dollars towards building versus simply maintaining.