In the world of utility maintenance, no clearance is more tedious and painstaking to achieve than rear-lot distribution. Not only are you constantly working in someone’s back yard, but the logistics of this is a headache in itself. Your current process begins with addressing the threat, which is the actual act of cutting or removing of vegetation. This is not only the most important part of the process, but it also happens to take the least amount of time to execute. The lengthy part of this process is what happens to all of the trimmings created by removing the threat; dragging brush, chipping and then disposing of the biomass. Essentially three quarters of the labor you’re paying for is going towards cleanup. So, what if the process of maintaining clearance could end at the point where you eliminated the threat?
rear-lot distribution maintenanceEdko’s Chemical Removal service accomplishes just that. Our service begins with a detailed and rigorous planning and notification process, identifying yards that require treatment as well as outlining what targets to address at each location. Our treatments are performed by trained applicators who are able to discern non-threatening or ornamental vegetation from the target species. The treatment is then followed up by audits and any necessary retreatments. This entire process, from start to finish, takes an average of 11 minutes per back yard.
You’re probably thinking, “this is crazy,” but in the several years that we’ve provided this service in over 30,000 back yards, we’ve received less than 20 complaints or refusals. We hang the success of this service on the courteous nature of our applicators, the accuracy and timeliness of the treatment and the general lack of intrusion on property. With mechanical clearance, many times surrounding non-threatening vegetation is compromised for proper removal procedures on top of the fact that a tree crew will spend 30 minutes to an hour on average in someone’s yard while wielding sharp objects. Now, who’s crazy?
When it comes to the longevity of the effects, Chemical Removals beats mechanical clearance hands down. After you’ve trimmed a circuit, you may be revisiting that same circuits for vine-caused outages or resprouting stumps within 2 years. With Chemical Removals you’ll see a reduced stem count and a lengthened cycle. At one tenth of the time and at a fraction of the cost of mechanical removals, there’s no reason not to consider the use of Chemical Removals. Call us at one of our locations to discuss which circuits on your system are candidates for this efficient and cost-saving service.