One of the key components of a quality road is visibility. If you can’t see where you’re going or see what’s coming, an accident is imminent. A strict program of mechanical clearance will do the job, but will be much more costly to maintain and will only become more expensive each year from the intense regrowth spawned by mechanical trimming.
A roadside in need of brush control.Our roadside brush programs can be used for reclaiming a roadside, as well as maintaining clearance that has been established mechanically. Either way, our herbicide applications will not only extend the longevity of your roadside clearance investments, but also extend the reach of the dollars invested. Plus, our applications are targeted. We can treat specific limbs of trees or brush to give you the clearance you desire with no harm to the rest of the tree or to the turf grasses you want to keep intact.
Not only are our herbicide applications cost-effective, but infinitely safer than mechanical clearance programs. Our crews move down the roadsides at a steady, consistent pace vs. having traffic blocked for extended amounts of time. If your concern is unattractive brownout, using the Fall season for this service is an excellent opportunity to catch up on miles of roadside brush that you’ve been looking to tackle.
Whether your roadside problems are large or small, sporadic or consistent, Edko has the solution. Call us for more info or even a quote and let us help you maintain visibility.

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