This month, Edko loses one of it’s leaders to a new calling that we’re very excited about. We are proud to announce that Brian Swiney, a Supervisor that has been overseeing our Houston office, is leaving the company and the place he calls home to take part in a church plant in Utah. While his departure is bittersweet, we are excited about this opportunity for his family and we will miss his encouraging attitude and his mastery of coffee roasting. Below is a message from Brian:
Brian Swiney leaves Edko“My family and I are moving to Logan, UT to help plant a church. Logan is about 1.5 hours N of Salt Lake City in the Wasatch Mountain Range. The church we attend in Conroe, TX has been working for several years to send a pastor to the greater Salt Lake City area to plant a church and Logan was identified as a great location. We have been called to join that pastor and his family in helping to plant the church and will be helping to get it established and self-supporting. Logan is home to Utah State University and the greater Logan areas has about 65,000 people in it.
We are thankful for our time at Edko and I have enjoyed working here. It was a great to get to know so many of you and to be able to work with each of you. We would appreciate your prayers as we make this leap of faith and we will pray for Edko to continue to grow and be able to serve God through its operations.”
Please join us in prayer and thoughts for the Swiney family as they make this huge move.