Most people view a bare ground herbicide application as something relatively hard to screw up. Mix chemical; spray rocks, right? That’s until weeds that you didn’t account for start popping up or rainwater carries the herbicide you’ve applied over to a neighboring field of corn. Bare ground applications are more complex than just spraying gravel. They’re more like a nightmarish word problem mixed with Russian roulette.
A roadside in need of brush control.Are there any neighboring crops or yards? What is the drainage situation? What species of weeds are present? How many applications are being performed? What dangers lie inside of the work site? The variables can be great, and it’s in these situations that you want to know that your herbicide applicator is capable.
Once upon a time, even before the EPA existed or the US put a man on the moon, there was a company called Spraymax. That company grew, evolved and changed names into what you know today as Edko. And, since 1965, we’ve managed to maintain a tenured management staff ranging anywhere from 10-32 years of experience who can direct a bare ground job with the ease of brushing ones teeth.
When dealing with a highly potent herbicide application, it’s a good time to considering having some experience behind the spray nozzle. Consider someone with the knowledge, background and infrastructure to do the job. Consider Edko.