Kids are back in school. Like any of us returning from time off, we may be back at work physically, but mentally we are still on break. This means children may be less attentive than normal and not paying attention to their surroundings as well.
school busThis not only affects those of us with children, but everyone. School zones will also be back in effect and there will be a noticeable increase in traffic. This means there are many things that we all need to consider when we get on the roads.
• Obey school speed limits. Speed limits in school zones are more strictly patrolled than other areas and traffic fines can be severe.
• Do not use mobile devices, including hands-free, in school zones.
• Avoid adjusting the radio or doing anything in your vehicle that takes your attention away from driving while in a school zone.
• Watch for crossing guards and children in roadways.
• Stop for School buses loading and unloading children.
• Any time the lights are flashing or the stop arms are extended, STOP! Don’t try to pass the bus.
• Children are unpredictable and will bolt into the street without warning at anytime.
• Also be extra careful when driving near playgrounds or through a residential area, especially where parked cars block your vision.
• Children trust us to look out for them, they forget to look both ways.
Taking these things into consideration, prepare to make accomodations for increased traffic in the early morning and afternoon. Buses will be on the roads and parents will either be taking or picking their children up from school. Give yourself a little extra time to get to your office or to the job site. Running late combined with hurrying will not only increase your chances of having an accident but will add unnecessary stress to your morning.
While our own safety is important, the safety of our children is even more important. Please take all precautions to make this coming school year a safe one.