Moving into peak season, it’s crucial that our audit frequency is in relation to our hours worked. Currently, our audits to hours are reflecting what we saw on last year’s graph where our hours increased and our audits either stayed relatively flat or even declined.
In order to keep our audits relative to our hours worked, consider a simple formula for guidance. For example, if you audits your crews once in a 30-40 hour week, consider seeing your crews every 30-40 hours. If your crews who 2 weeks of 60 hour weeks, you will have audited them 3-4 times in that period. This will not only help you keep regularity with your audit frequency, but you will increase the number of conversations concerning safety that you have with your crews.
As we move into June, consider implementing a system by which you can schedule your audits and not repeating last year’s audit or accident record. We’re doing great so far this year on our accident count, so let’s stay proactive on our audits and conversations concerning the safety of our employees.